Bullying Behavior

Bullying behavior has become a serious problem in our schools today, as demonstrated by the recent teen suicides. Early intervention with our young children can create a life style that is inconsistent with bullying behavior

The Curriculum Guide, which includes the Who Am I? book, is an excellent way to begin this intervention process. The concepts are taught through the story of a panda bear named Yin as he takes a journey in search of himself. The following key learning points are included

  • Children understand that they have physical characteristics that are unique and special just for them. No two people look exactly the same. As they discover these special characteristics, they can feel a sense of joy and wonder about themselves

  • Children discover they have many emotions as they learn to identify and name them. These feelings, however, are separate from their actions. They may feel angry, for example, but they have a choice as to how they express their anger and what actions they take. This will eventually lead to a sense of control over their emotions.

  • Children understand that they can have many thoughts about someone or something. If they have negative thoughts about someone, they can be trained to keep thinking until they also find the positive thoughts to balance their thinking process. They will, therefore, be less likely to get stuck in the negative thinking stage.

  • Children discover their hearts, which holds all of their special gifts, as the most important part of who they are. They understand how to discover their special gifts and how to share them with others.

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